Online Marketing Intern

This is an opportunity for a highly motivated person to join a small team, working directly with the founders on planning and executing a marketing strategy that involves content marketing, paid customer acquisition and social media marketing.

This is a paid, part-time remote internship. We can work with an internship program offered by your university or structure this as part-time contract work.

MixBloom, is a social media content creation service for agencies.

We help marketing agencies deliver social media and content campaigns so they can add more clients, focus on strategy work and growing their business. Our team works behind the scenes, keeping quality high and delivering always on time, taking care of all client feedback, content approvals and scheduling for you.

We combine the work of our team with a white label software platform we built to handle content scheduling, approvals and feedback.

MixBloom is still a small team – 10 of us right now – this is a great opportunity for the person hired to execute a marketing strategy almost from scratch.

So what’s the internship about?

We’re looking for someone who is highly motivated to build their skills in digital marketing, acquiring the same valuable knowledge every business, small or big, needs to have to be able to grow leveraging online channels.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Plan, research and write high quality, in depth articles for our blog, and/or collaborate with our writers
  • Work with the founding team and collaborators to drive our SEO and content marketing work
  • Promote our content and MixBloom by creating partnerships with third party blogs and online publications
  • Help in the ongoing creation and management of paid social media marketing campaigns, working closely with one of the founders
  • Look for new ideas we can apply to grow traffic and sales, using the assets we are building and creating new ones

What you’ll be working on, day to day:

  • Manage and optimize our paid marketing campaigns on Google ads and Facebook
  • Perform keywords research for our content and ads
  • Measure the effectiveness of our campaigns
  • Find interesting new tactics and non-obvious opportunities for promoting our content or services
  • Come up with content ideas for articles and lead magnets, free resources and other content
  • Coordinate our efforts in off-site content marketing: guest posting, content partnerships
  • Write long-form articles and social media posts to promote them
  • Identify opportunities and coordinate the work to promote our content on third party platforms and websites

Why you should be interested in this role:

  • Gain valuable experience kickstarting a marketing effort for a new brand
  • Space to come up with your own original ideas and implement them
  • See the impact of your work on the outcomes of the business
  • Freedom of working where and when you want with a 3-6 hours/day schedule you decide
  • Note this is a part-time paid internship, so you’ll be paid a reasonable amount for your time, in line with an entry level position

About you:

You’re someone smart and self motivated. You love solving problems.

You love to write and using words to get big or small ideas across. That’s what the job is about. From convincing someone to partner up, to writing great ad copy and articles, you’ll spend most of your time writing.

You’ve demonstrated this attitude by creating something yourself. It doesn’t matter what, but you’ve put something out in the world before and it’s likely something you really enjoyed doing.

How we work

We’re a remote team spread around the world. We enjoy this way of working and the freedom it affords all of us. We collaborate daily mainly using email and chat and simple tools like Trello.

We care about the people working with us and aim to build long-lasting relationships with anyone who will join the company. For this, personality fit on top of skills is key.

We’re looking for smart, independent and creative people who want to build something great, take decisions independently and make an impact on a small business and its customers.

Your working hours

We will decide together on a work schedule that works for you based on your life and priorities.

You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want.

Your application

  • Here it's best to go to the point and suggest why you'd be the best fit for this role and how your past experience (if any) shows you're a good candidate for this position.
  • Show us something that demonstrates your creativity.
  • Could be anything 😉
  • I mean, why this and not something else? Why a remote position? Is marketing truly what you want to focus on for the next few years?
  • If you have, you can give us a link or multiple links to your writing online.