Freelance Social Media Manager

We’re looking for a talented freelance Social Media Manager to help us with content creation for our clients.

Here’s a quick recap of this role:

  • Work from anywhere, on your own schedule
  • A part-time contract-based freelance role
  • Can you write and design social media posts? This is the role for you
  • Earn a stable additional income as you manage more and more clients
  • The role is for a native English speaker or equivalent – English might not be your first language but your writing must be at native level

MixBloom is a social media management service designed for agencies and small businesses. We help them build a brand and grow their social media presence, drive more traffic to their offers and reach new customers with social media. We do it by giving these businesses a voice on social media with content carefully written for them.

We combine the work of our team with a white label social media scheduling platform we built to handle content scheduling, approvals and feedback.

What will you be doing?

This is more than just writing, the key to the role is to combine marketing, writing and design skills to understand our client’s business and give the brand a unique, authentic voice and identity on social media.

Your responsibilities will include:

  1. developing relationships with our customers (brands and agencies), understanding their client’s brand and voice, coming up with relevant ideas for creating and curating the right content for their brands
  2. creating original content for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter, combining your writing with visual content you’ll create or source for our clients (usually these are original graphics created in Canva).
  3. scheduling content in our social media tool (we built our own platform) and contacting your clients to have their approval on the content, send any feedback.
  4. making changes and corrections as requested by your clients. Taking feedback and improving the content as needed.
  5. giving suggestions to the client and asking their input to refine their content strategy (over email).

The MixBloom platform provides the tools to remove all the time-intensive and low-value activities associated with social media management.

We want to make your job easy and enjoyable, focusing on the two activities we consider key: understanding a brand, creating engaging social media content.

Your skills

– Native-level English writing – proven by existing social media or writing work

– Graphic design skills – you need to be comfortable with a tool like Canva and be able to create original images that combine stock photos or product images with text, branding and other elements.

– Copywriting experience – you can write concisely, express yourself clearly and simply

– Social media skills – you need to know how to use hashtags, images and mentions effectively

– You’re reliable and can be trusted to deliver your work on time and respect your commitments to us and clients

How we work

We’re a remote team with people in the UK, US, Canada.

We enjoy this way of working and the freedom it affords all of us. We collaborate daily mainly using chat and email, and occasionally with video calls.

We care about the people working with us and aim to build long-lasting relationships with the whole team.

We’re looking for smart, independent and creative people who enjoy the opportunity to create content to help a business communicate their brand and offers.

You’ll be made responsible for a number of brands, according to your availability and interest, and we’ll expect you to keep all commitments for content creation for those clients, with minimal supervision.

You can work wherever you want and whenever you want. We like to find responsible people and let them do their job autonomously.

You’ll be part of a growing team of talented professionals and will have the opportunity to grow relationships with others, get guidance and mentorship, up your game and grow into a more senior position.


This is a freelance position, not employment. You’ll work on your own schedule, at any time of the day, for as long as you need.

We pay based on the number of brands you manage, generally between $1,000 and $3,000 per month for up to 30 brands, with a minimum of 10 brands managed.

You’ll invoice and be paid regularly on a monthly basis.