You won't find one of these at MixBloom HQ :)

Our values

We’re a small bootstrapped, fully remote company. We’re not the usual founders either.

We’re a recently married couple, Mai An and Pietro, with the ambition of running our own independent business.

Pietro has been doing this for a while with his own app business, MobiLoud. I have a background in marketing and branding and a few years of agency experience.

We believe in running a small business driven by the only goal of serving our customers in the best possible way. A company where customers fund our growth daily by choosing to work with us.

An old school business of sorts, like thousands everywhere in the world, where we all work towards running a profitable venture that can run on its own, employ great people and make our customers happy.

We’ve started with the idea of creating the software we needed to be able to automate and streamline the most tedious processes in social media content management and curation. Once we were done with that, we realised we only did half the work.

We decided to offer a complete social media content curation and writing service, because we believe to really deliver value for our customers we need to provide a finished job.

So here we are, a 3 year old small business keen to grow and help many other small businesses serious about driving their growth with social media and great content.

We don’t believe in empty value statements no one considers or even remember.

We all know a big company proud to say they put the customer first and then keeps you miles away with an automated phone answering service.

We do business following a few core ideas:

  • High Quality: we find and create only the highest quality content.
  • Honesty: we say things as they are, we do what we say we’ll do. We don’t hide anything under the carpet.
  • Love your work: we love our work and expect you to love yours just as much. We work hard to deliver a high quality experience. It takes more effort, but it’s worth it.
  • Awesome Service: we aim to impress our customers with amazing service, nothing less.
  • Speak clearly: we communicate in a clear way, whether it’s with our customers or within the team. We write clearly, in a simple and effective way.
  • Be Humble: we put our ego last, it’s not about us. We put others first.¬†We treat everyone with respect – h/t to Buffer for this, and much more inspiration.
  • Life before work: we work hard, but we don’t think work is everything, there’s lots to enjoy in life – we want everyone in the team to be able to make enough time for family, personal development and anything else they see fit.
  • Do more with less: it’s about being frugal and efficient, it’s about helping our customers with solutions that are cost effective and help them get an edge on their competition without breaking the bank.
  • Flexible: we adapt, we change and we make change possible within our team and our lives. We’re a remote company and love everything about this way of working and the freedom it affords all of us – we want everyone in the team to build an effective work routine that works for them and enjoy all the benefits of remote work.

Hope you’ll decide to apply to one of our jobs, we’d love to see your application!

Mai An Tran

Founder, MixBloom